Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What I wanted to do here….. my mission statement.

On a personal level......
I have been kind of deep in thought about how for me motherhood has been both practice and path. It's the greatest spiritual task you may ever have in your life- to hold the privilege and responsibility for ushering forward life itself, the universe giving you itself in a form that is not yourself. Why do we as women ignore the depth of the spiritual side of motherhood? I mean, what a realization it is to think about the fact that bringing forth life is a Divine act!

Why are there a million books about nursing and sleeping, and 9 months of protein recipes, but if you want to read and prepare your heart for motherhood, most of what is available is pretty Western Christian. (Not that this is bad, but it’s not the wide open conversation that I desire.)
Why do we shy away from speaking of motherhood as a profound and transformational experience? There seems to be a deep lack of support and wisdom in how we grow and cherish our own spirit as mothers, and how motherhood and deep spiritual experience are not separate things, for me they have been one and the same. How can I support other women in this way of things? Well, starting a blog with my dear friend seems like a small step on the path.
Naïve and inspired, I sit here at my computer, imagining my friend and I digging a well of nurture, a space that may eventually expand to other women with a similar longing. I am creating for myself what I deeply long for, the recognition that motherhood is a spiritually incredulous and incredible thing, and I am called to name myself pilgrim on that path.

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Jus said...

you are such a beauty Anna.