Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Mother's Daily Prayer

This is the prayer that sits in my kitchen, in a place where I can see it daily. It's from "She Who Dwells Within: A Feminist Vision of a Renewed Judaism" by Lynn Gottlieb. It is a prayer to the Shekhinah- Shekhinah being the Hebrew feminine-form for God.

A Mother's Daily Prayer

Wild Mother of earth and sky,
You who nestle seed in clay
And lift up winged creatures on Your wind,
Enliven me with your morning grace
As I awake to mothering.

If I have time to say these words
And You have time to listen,
Keep my children safe from harm,
Bless them with healthy bodies and minds.
Let them flourish.

Winsome Mother of sea and stream,
You who move it all along,
Grant me humor, patience, and compassion
To flow with the day that beckons me now
To fix breakfast, check homework, and answer the phone.

Cosmic Mother of stars and destiny,
Who juggles time and child,
If I have not yet been interrupted
I pray also for these things:

[Add your personal prayers]

Wise Mother who gives and takes away,
Who sets the boundaries of work and play,
May we all love and forgive each other
Yet another day.
And grant me the stillness of quiet hours
To renew and refresh my mothering.

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