Monday, May 4, 2009

One of my spiritual teachers....

mother and daughter, originally uploaded by justynrebecca.

I adore this photo that Justyn magically captured yesterday.

Although K and I are having a plain ordinary conversation about whether she can ask G to come and work the bees later in the afternoon... doesn't it look more profound whisperings than that? It looks like she is whispering the secrets of the universe to me!

K has been a spiritual teacher to me, like I was never expecting. She has connected me to the Divine in ways that propel me forward into my life. She affirms my connection on a daily basis, by forcing me to use it! My second born has done this too of course, it's just that K was first.

: )

Thank You for this photo Justyn!

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'becca said...

i love the way you ended it...that she was just first. ;)
I MISS YOU. You, your first, your second and R too.