Saturday, November 29, 2008

he still needs me

He's been a climber for as long as I can remember. He climbed before he walked. He walked at 9 months. I don't have many rules, mostly guidelines, but for trees I do have a couple of rules:
1) you must be able to scale the first branch on your own before making it to the next, no boosts
2) the branches you step on need to be as big around as your arm.
This has helped keep them out of the branches that bend and sway w/ the weight of a boy and I hoped it would keep them out of really tall trees (hasn't worked for my oldest, most agile son, but works like a charm for my 2nd son). The trees he tends to climb are usually quite tall and he makes it to the top, only one big fall that I can remember.

Today I was sitting fireside, reading a new WorldPulse and Sojourners magazine, sipping coffee when I heard him. "Mommy!" "Momma, come here, please - I need you." I slipped on my flips and opened the door. To the left there he was - stuck in a little dogwood tree. I chuckled, told him to wait a quick moment and grabbed my camera. I then did what you see above, took a photo.

I needed to savor the moment. He needs me less and less as he grows, or so it seems. I needed this moment to remind me that no matter his age or height, he will always be my little boy and will always need me, even if it to help him get his feet untangled from a tree branch.

When I got him down I asked why he choose that tree. He said it had little red things growing in that were fun to write with and he needed some more. I went back inside to the fire and my new magazines with a very full heart and he went on drawing with berries on the sidewalk.
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Elizabeth said...

thank you for that. so good to remember i´m not the only one pulling a kid out of a sticky situation. but i can´t wait until those moments are spaced further apart!